Absolutely Fabulous The Movie Official HD Trailer 1 2016-002:39

Absolutely Fabulous The Movie Official HD Trailer 1 2016-0

Absolutely Fabulous (feature film)
AbFab Bloody Great Movie
Air Date 2016
Previous Olympics

Glamorous, but broke, Edina and Patsy, are now women of a certain age, and Eddy is realizing that her PR business is losing cash -- and fast. Knowing that they need a miracle to save their extravagant lifestyles, Patsy and Eddy hatch a plan to bring their idol, Kate Moss, into Eddy's PR universe, after overhearing that Kate is seeking out new PR.

They hatch a plan to crash a party that Kate is attending. Realizing that Eddy's competition is approaching Kate to offer her PR services, Edina rushes over to get to Kate first -- and in the ensuing melee, ends up pushing Kate off of her perch on the patio and into the Thames River, below them.

Kate Moss is assumed dead, and Patsy and Eddy are arrested. After being released, the pair flee to Cannes, France, in order to avoid dealing with Kate Moss' accidental drowning. In their adventures, they get themselves (unsurprisingly) into even more trouble, before Saffy eventually turns up in Cannes to find them and deliver (unexpected, but welcome) news. The film closes with Kylie Minogue's cover of the famous AbFab theme song, "Wheels on Fire."

Media & LinksEdit

The AbFab Movie Is Happening! Loose Women02:54

The AbFab Movie Is Happening! Loose Women

Jennifer Saunders on the chat show Loose Women talking about plans for the feature film

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