Series 01, Episode 02
Eddy Denim
Air Date 25 December 2011 (UK)
Previous Comic Relief sketch
Next Job

Christmas Special: Identity is the third episode of Absolutely Fabulous's sixth series.

Summary Edit

Edina picks up Saffy from prison where she has been held for two years after providing fake passports for asylum seekers. After welcoming Saffy home, Saffy has her cellmate Baron visit, but it is soon revealed that Baron is Patsy's drug dealer and Patsy owes her £50,000. Saffy's friend Sarah then turns up and it is revealed that she has been sectioned and she is better now she is on pills. However, she reads too much into the relationship between Saffy and Baron so that Saffy has to slap her out of a hysterical outburst, this brings Sarah back into her disturbed state. Later, Edina and Patsy must figure out a way to come up with the money, which means Patsy must fess up to her real age to collect her wages and pension.

Guest starsEdit

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