Christmas Special: Gay
Series 2002 Special, Episode 01
Air Date 27 December 2002
Previous Menopause
Next Cleanin

Christmas Special: Gay is the 2002 special which was first broadcast on 27 December 2002.

Summary Edit

Upon returning home from London Fashion Week, Edina feels miserable because her son is not in her life. During a visit from Bo and Marshall, it is accidentally revealed that Serge is gay and living in New York, and that Marshall has "gay feelings", which unnerves Bo.

Against Saffron's wishes, Edina uses her upcoming trip to New York for their fashion week as a chance to reunite with her son. With Patsy in tow, they hunt down information on Serge at an LGBT community center. A counselor, Goldie spots them and in exchange for the information, Patsy and Edina get "married".

Edina finally hunts down Serge, and is shocked to learn that her son is virtually a male equivalent of Saffron who works in a bookstore. While Serge is dismayed that she views gays as nothing more than fashionable accessories, his partner, Martin, takes a shine to Edina. The reunited mother and son, along with Patsy and Martin, hit New York's Fashion Week with a vengeance.

Edina and Patsy conclude their wild party by accidentally setting a bar on fire and getting arrested. When they arrive home, Saffron tries to make up with Edina. However, it is revealed that Edina has "adopted" Martin as her son.